What is you favourite cuisine whilst eating out?


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Thai. If you manage to find a really good Thai restaurant then it's healthy, amazingly tasty thanks to their use of a variety of flavoursome ingredients (ginger, lemongrass, kaffir limes & leaves, ginger, galangal, coriander etc) and often presented in a very creative and artistic manner. If you're interested in cooking, it's not actually that difficult either. The hardest part is getting the right ingredients.

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Indian... Ah!!! Just love the starters, and they have an endless list of sweets... I'll show some... Go to this link


And recently the gujiyas made by myself.....

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Chinese foods are first on my list. The uniqueness of Chinese cuisines make it stand out from the other. Cuisines such as dumplings, dim sum, their own lobster and peking duck are just some of cuisines that you must try. In addition, restaurant such as 1. Above and Beyond 2. Island Tang 3. Stockton 4. Blue Butcher 5. Mott 32  6. Tim's Kitchen

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When dining out, I generally like to try food that is a bit different, or that I wouldn't usually eat at home.

I love Italian food, but I regularly make pretty tasty pasta and pizza at home, so it's not really much of a treat to eat this at a restaurant.

On the flipside, Indian cuisine is something I hardly ever make at home, and if I do, it rarely tastes anywhere near as good as having an authentic curry when you're out.

I think the reason for this, is that south asian cuisine is quite complex. They use so many spices and techniques that are different to western cooking, and some dishes we simply couldn't make at home, even if we tried.

Tandoori Chicken, for example, is cooked in a special tandoor oven, which is usually a clay pot heated with wood or charcoal. You could probably make your own I suppose, but who has time for that!? I think I'll leave it to the experts.

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Make Smart Choices at Your Favorite Restaurants

if you have a craving of tasting some traditional Chinese food, then there are a plenty of Chinese restaurants in NY where you can satisfy your taste buds.  Dumplings is one of the delicious dishes in the food menu of the Chinese restaurant. To name a few popular dumplings that you can try are deep fried mandoo and Ggott Bbang.

This is another popular dish among people, especially during cold weather days. Visiting an eatery during cold winter days and trying a hot soup is bliss. Few popular soups that you can try include Gyeran tang,

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Hi Gabriella! It will have to be Indian food.
I just cannot have enough of it when dining out. Their dishes are always very
flavoury and it’s accompanied by the right sides and dessert. However, it’s not
really available everywhere and in such a case, I will normally go for a

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When it’s come to food I like Indian food, Indian foods are so delicious and even scientists believe the presence of chemical compounds in Indian dishes that is good for health. I would like name the Indian dishes

Chicken Tikka Masala

Palak Paneer


Malai Kofta



Chole Puri

Chicken Tandoori

Gujjus Cafe & Chaat House: is one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurant, Indian Restaurant in Malvern East, Melbourne. There are much kind of vegan thalis available in such as the Punjabi thali, Rajasthani thali, South Indian thali and Gujarati thali. They give very good services to their customers.

Dosa HutIndian street food Melbourne. They provide the best dosa in Melbourne and best briyani in Melbourne. They also have many branches in Melbourne such as dosa corner FootscrayIndian restaurants Harris Park, Indian restaurant in Southbank, Indian Restaurant Roxburgh Park, South Indian restaurant Melbourne CBD.

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