What Food And Drink Is Associated With Jewish Cuisine?


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Gefilte fish
chicken soup
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I had some sort of spiced mocha drink over at a Jewish friends house.... Said it was an old recipe... So I'm saying that may be one?
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It might have been Homemade hamantashen usually served around Purim, the 14 month of their year. They're delicious pastries folded in a triangle shape to make then look like a human hat. I'm sure the recipes are on the net.
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I thought I was answering Keith, but It wasn't it was you Gypcachnc
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Bagels, lox and cup tea which would be sipped from a saucer. It was never "a cup of tea" but just "nice cup tea." I was brought up in a jewish neighborhood with many of my acquaintances from Eastern Europe after WWII. At the time we lumped them all together and called them "DPs" meaning displaced persons.  I'd have way to much to mention of their culture and foods if I started, so I won't . Even though they were from different areas, they still could converse in Yiddish, that was their own specially (secret) developed language.
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Hi Keith.Good fresh crusty bread,salt fish,bagels and chicken soup. "Jewish Penicillin "
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I remember my step-grandfather giving me bagels, cream cheese and lox. Had to be bought fresh and only from a certain deli. One of the best memories I have.
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Anything involved in the Seder meal. Also Manishewitz wine, kugle (great noodle dish), and locks and bagels.
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Kugel  Matzoh Gefilte  Fish Potato Pancakes I Think Manshevitz Wine I Can't Spell That Because I'm Not Jewish

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