How To Cook Smoked Cod Fillet?


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I just watched a show where a lady cooked her fish on a wet wood log with one side made flat to lay the fish on. Then she placed it over a open camp fire . Apparently this is the same thing as smoking the fish(the fish would absorb the flavor of the wood as it was on pbs. I'm thinking you could get the recipe off of their site using one of their links.what's that called the create network,
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Smoked fish basically is fish that has been cured by smoking. Quite a few fishes like whitefish, herring, mackerel, sablefish, etc are often hot-smoked. It is a well known dish in the Russian and Jewish cuisine.

To smoke your own fish, brine your fish with a simple brine solution made up off, ½ cup non-iodized salt, ½ cup sugar and ¼ cup water. Once the solution is complete mixed add the pieces of fish to it. Make sure that the pieces of fish get completely covered with the brine solution. After that place the pieces of fish in a refrigerator, always remember that fat chunks of fish which are approximately one inch fat should remain in the brine solution for up to 8 to 12 hours.

Later remove the chucks of fish from the brine and wash each and ever chunk with cold water. Lightly dry the chunks of fish with the help of a paper towel, and place them on a dry paper towel for approximately one hour. Once the fish turns sticky it is ready to be smoked.

Smoke the fish for nearly two hours, at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply wood chips or chunks of your choice when smoking; keep experimenting to get the perfect taste. Alder and apple or a mixture of both generally goes well. Keep adding wood chips at regular intervals, mainly depending on how much smoke taste you want.

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