How Do I Cook Duck Fillets?


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Cooking duck can seem like a daunting process but it isn't something to be afraid
Duck often has excess bits of fat hanging over the edge, so use a very sharp blade to trim this off so your meat isn't too fatty.

Season the duck by rubbing salt and pepper into the skin. Turn over the duck and season the other side.

First you need to render down the fat on the duck. To do this take a cold frying pan and place on a moderate gas  Place the duck breast skin side down in the pan. You don't need any oil as the duck will release its own fat.

Pushing down gently on the duck will help release extra fat.

You want to cook the duck skin side down for up to 5 minutes (dependent on the amount of fat on your duck breast) and then drain off the excess fat by draining into another frying pan or bowl. This fat can be saved in your fridge once cool and used when roasting potatoes as an alternative to goose fat.

Use tongs to lift your duck and check that the skin is turning golden brown.

Once it has changed colour, turn your duck breast over and cook on the flesh side for 3-4 minutes. Transfer to a baking tray and place in the oven.

Roast in the oven for about 6-8 minutes. Once roasted, remove from oven and place on a warm plate so that the duck can rest. Do not try and cut the breast immediately, otherwise all the juices from the meat will be released.

Resting the meat allows it to relax, allowing all the juices to spread equally throughout the meat. Resting the meat for a few minutes should be suffice.

Once it has rested, take a sharp Knife and slice the meat, but not too thinly .
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Recipe of duck fillet is very easy and preparation time for the servings of four is 20 minutes and cooking time is almost 15 minutes. The ingredients required for the duck fillet(4 serving) include 2 big duck fillet, 3 medium onions, 1 orange, 1 desert spoon of granulated sugar and 2 desert spoons of vinegar. Click on the link to note down the steps of the recipe.

Recipe of duck fillet
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The more you pay for those fillets, it's likely that the cut is going to be better, so don't be cheap, especially if you're going to try to impress someone. Take a griddle pan put it on a low heat around 4. Rub some spices into the fat side of the duck, Chinese five spices can give really bring out the flavour of the duck. Cook on the griddle pan for eleven minutes on the fat side and then before turning them over, pour away the oil that has been produced by the fat cooking. Make sure that the oil doesn't slosh back all over the fillets.

Now turn the fillets over and cook the flesh side for between 9-12 minutes, depending upon how you would like your duck cooked. Eleven minutes will be fine, you can always turn the heat down. Serve on a bed of leek and raspberries with a red wine.

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