For coffee drinkers, have you tried the flavored Coffee Mate creams? They're liquid and they come in all sorts of flavors such as Hazelnut? I tried Caramel flavored and it was really good! (I don't drink coffee but this was good)


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I don't drink coffee. I do use Hazelnut and several  coffee creamer in my oatmeal. One is enough to give it a sweet taste.

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I use a couple different brands and flavors. Just a splash to make the coffee taste good. I prefer French Vanilla myself.

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Cindy  Lou
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I use took much I think. I make it like they do in Paris that the kids there drink-half milk and half coffee but that extra flavor really surprised me! Thank you 🌹
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My daughter loves these!  99% of the time, I drink coffee black.  But once in awhile, I like to sweeten it up.  It's that sinful addition like chocolate in milk.  😋

The other way I wander into CoffeeFlavoredLand is with the Swiss Mocha instant coffees.  When we travel and can't brew a pot, regular instant coffee is terrible.  These similarly flavored instants give me a tasty wake up.

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I am a bit of a light weight when it comes to coffee . . . My youngest is a purest, while I will doctor it up to fit my mood.

Lately, I have been drinking a coffee flavor of "Mocha cappuccino" with a flavored creamer of Nestle Toll house cookie . . .

Usually this is only Saturday or Sunday mornings.

I prefer a Mocha Mint Latte at the local gourmet coffee house if I must be honest.

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Cindy  Lou
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Mocha Mint is my favorite and Swiss used to make that in an instant coffee but they discontinued it. Not enough sales I guess but it was so good . I used to never drink coffee but I had this caramel frozen something or other coffee at Starbucks and it was so good! Thank you :)
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Everyone has their favorite drink. Someone loves a cap of ice cream on a glass, and someone loves the aroma of cinnamon on their cappuccino. The world of coffee is diverse, here everyone can find a drink to their liking, for lovers of a stronger one - ristretto, softer coffee - please, americano. But still, I’m not the only one who sometimes has the question of how to choose Black Latte, and I stumbled upon this question in Mexico and after reading the article I realized that not everything is so difficult.

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