What's the weirdest ice cream truck song?


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They are all weird in my opinion ... I hate them so very much, honestly.  My 3 biggest fears are squirrels ,  ice cream trucks and not flossing.. Then yougart stuff.. Then woman who smell like kitty litter. I'm just realizing I may need to talk to my someone about these issues.. The ice cream truck music fear is valid though . That music is not okay . NOT OKAY

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Jaimie  JT
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I hate the slow off key tunes ... I know there are stereo types associated with ice cream trucks .. But I love all music ... And hearing an ice cream trucks tune slow off key melody makes me wanna hide under a bed .. Honestly . I really don't like it at all.
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I haven't heard an ice cream truck for years but here's a story from away back then.

A journalist was interviewing a 99 year old widow whose 100 year old husband had recently died. She asked the usual question, "What do you think allowed you to live so long?:

"Clean living, healthy food, and when we retired we refused to have anything in the house to remind us of the passing time. We had no clocks, watches, calendars, TV, or newspapers. And, I hope you won't think I'm awful, but every Sunday, just for old times sake, we, ah, made love."

"That's wonderful," said the journo, but how did you know when it was Sunday?"

"We could hear the church bells, of course."

"Of course. I think that's charming. But what was the cause of your husband's death?"

"The ice cream truck."

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La Cucaracha, any truck that plays Christmas music year round, and the one that says hello, even though I like it. :)

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Van Halen's Ice Cream Man and, yes I have heard an ice cream truck play that.

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Usally get the hispanic ones that say hello and some crazy music but this one guy just plays his ipod music so u may get acdc hells bells or led zeppelin i like his ice cream truck

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