What is something you have eaten that you felt immediately took 10 years off of your life?


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Can I pick tequila ? It was chunky coming back up so that's kinda like a food exept not at all ... Or I'm exactly right. Yeah I'm right then.

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I made it a little more than halfway through a 6 pound hamburger. I KNOW that it shortened my life. It looked something like this one:

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Dear Ed Hunter,

It was this spring, and it was...BEER (Rainier, I think).

Never before in my life had I taken more than a couple sips of beer (well, except for Old English 800 in the Haight-Ashbury), but I was with a friend who likes beer, and we were sitting by Olequa Creek... So beautiful, talking laughing such a good time...

Well I regretted it the next morning...never again, enough beer now for a lifetime!

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A marinated steak with "devil" sauce in a small Mexican restaurant in the hills of KY last year. I teared up and cried while I ate the whole thing.

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Ed Hunter
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Sounds good....I've always wanted to try something spicy enough that they make you put on gloves before you eat it....just to see if I could handle it.
Ancient One
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If you ever get to Wallingford, KY ask anyone where the Mexican restaurant is.
Ed Hunter
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Just one Mexican joint huh? Is this one of those two stop light towns?

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