PLEASE ANSWER THESE SURVEY QUESTIONS! TIA -Have you ever heard of people eating escamoles before? Where and why? -Would you ever eat it? Why/why not?


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Jann Nikka answered

No. Never. No.

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Pepper pot answered

No I've never eaten them, I would probably only eat them if there was nothing else to eat. I had to take a look at who eats them, my first guess was China since they enjoy bugs on sticks as a snack, surprised to find out that it was Mexico.

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Georgia Smith, yes I have heard of escamole.

I am one of the world's picky eaters, but I have loved being with friends outside of my own culture, including cooking and eating food. And even      I would never believe the things I have actually eaten.

And they have reciprocated...they sampled some of my stuff that seemed really bizarre to them, too...

So I would have to say...probably...

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

No, I have never heard of anyone eating them. And no, I would not eat them. I have a stronger reaction to ant bites than most people, so I really don't want to find out what kind of reaction I would have by ingesting them.

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Anonymous , bystandar, answered

Is it coming down to that now? I haven't heard of food shortages to this magnitude?

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