What is one food that most people think tastes good but it actually makes you gag? 


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Yin And Yang answered

Mine is hummus! YUCK

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All seafood except for prawns

Reeses peanut butter cups


Hot raisins

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star gazing answered

pork in any form, sausages, pure cheese, chili, whole milk, grilled cheese sandwiches, burritos, spicy chips, popsicles

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I'd say lima beans, but I don't know anyone who thinks they actually taste good. Most people eat pretty tame stuff.

Try some frog, cooked in coals In the banana leaf it was caught on.  Rattlesnake, escargot, head cheese, and red ants, man, most folks don't know what they're missing. 

I draw the line at "Chitlins"(chitterlings) though, as most sane people do. That's just nasty. 

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Call me Z
Call me Z commented
Tiger- do you find lima beans are just OK or would you say they really taste good? I'll send you some cans from the back of our cupboard. :)
Janis Haskell
Janis Haskell commented
I love them .... especially dried limas (butter beans) with ham.
Call me Z
Call me Z commented
To think of all those limas I could have saved from the disposal...
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PJ Stein answered

I am with Dragonfly about the cornbread.  That stuff is just nasty.  This can be a problem living in the south.

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hey cameron answered

Everyone seems to like eggs but I've never liked them. I think they smell really bad, look gross, and I don't like the taste either. I guess I have to have them in cookies though lol

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Ally Gh answered

Any form of Pizza which has any form of ingredients from the sea. Shrimps, Fish, etc.

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Mushrooms not breaded is yucky but if you bread mushrooms i love to eat them.  Liver is not my favorite but sometimes with onions and dipped in ketchup i love it . I do not like Shrimp but i love fish , fish sticks .

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