Is this too much sugar? I had a pear and an apple today, which equates to about 40g of natural sugar, I also know that the digestion of sugar helps create fat (simply put.) So 40g of natural sugar, should I dial it back; will it lead to weight gain?


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Be very afraid of an eating disorder.  If youre wordying this much over eating two healthy pieces of fruit your mind is getting twisted.  Your schema is getting warped.  The benefits of eating these two pieces of fruit FAR outweigh a tiny bit of natural sugar.  There are far more important things than a few grams of fructose.    Forty grams is nothing.  Your body will use that much long before it has a chance to store as fat - unless you are bed bound and totally inactive.    Apples are HEALTHY.  Pears are HEALTHY.  Eat them.  And stay aware.  You may be slipping into a very serious condition.  Obsession like this can lead to disorder and that can lead to a brutal psych struggle that can end in death.  Dont starve your body of needed nutrients because you have a wierd obsession with sugar.  Try to see the WHOLE picture   

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