What are the obstacles that consumers face when trying to have a healthy diet?


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Ancient Hippy answered

The high cost of healthy food and the temptations.

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Michael Poland answered

Increasing your genetic deck is strange to most people.

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Amol Palwe answered

Lack of time is the biggest obstacle that consumers mostly face when trying to have a healthy diet.

People have busy nowadays, they don't have time to cook at home, don't have time to go out in the market and shop for fresh food instead of buying it online, or order it from the restaurants.

Even, I am among the same category. But, one of a friend who is a nutritionist has suggested me when every you feel carving for food at least add a glass of milk it. According to him, a nutritionist, a milk is a complete food, it is full of nutrition.

So, I always add a small pack of Amul taaza milk after a food if it's not from home.

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