Do you like fishing? where do you go fishing and what gear do you guys use for it?


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I haven't gone fishing for awhile but I used to love it. My favorite was fishing for brook trout in the mountain streams of my area. I used a small Pflueger ultra light rod and spin casting reel with 4lb. test.  I would float wax worms down the current . The brook trout loved them.

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I love fishing, especially in the ocean, although it's been a long time since I've had the chance.  Anchovies and squid are both good ocean fishing baits.  Night crawlers are good for catching fresh water fish.

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I used to love fishing for black bass in my early 20's in the lakes in the area.

But I slacked off and It's been 35 years since I've fished.

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I'm new to fishing. This summer I finally understood how great it can be (I wasn't a big fan of fishing when I was a child). So, my father gave me his boat, though I need to choose a motor. Now I can't decide whether I have to choose a 12v or a 24v trolling motor. Of course, I surfed the Internet, and having looked through a review on, I decided that a 24v motor will be a better choice. Can anyone share the experience? Which motor do you use?

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