What are the Benefits of having Fruit Chips?


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Every one of us loves fruits, though some of us must be crazy while others eat just to stay fit. It is being rightly said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but we all get bored by any routine that we continue for long and eating fruits daily can be really annoying. Also fruits cannot be eaten while travelling in bus, metro or even in your personal conveyance like car as some of them are needed to be cut before eating and while others are too juicy to cut in public places. Does that mean you can only have fruits when you are at home and also skipping fruit is the option on being sick of eating fruits daily?

All above seems to be really genuine problems as in today’s hectic life, all of us spend our respective nights only at home and eating fruits after your arrival in late night is definitely not a good idea. And while performing official duties or studying in school or college, we cannot have chunk of fruits other than in lunch times and often there are no lunch times too either due to work load. Generally, we like to have some heavy food in lunch so that stomach stops buzzing from inside

Best Alternative of fruits

You must be convinced by now, but we cannot ignore fruits and we have to include them in our diet, no matter what. The best alternative for real fruit is Fruit Treat offered by Suvidha food and Beverages Company, the accredited venture commenced by some qualified youngsters. They present Fruit Treat Sringeri for folks looking for real substitutes of Indian fruits in the form of fruit-based chips like banana, Jackfruit, Chickoo, Bhindi etc.

How can a packed eatable be the good substitute of fresh fruits?

Above question must be triggering your mind and to an extent this question seems to be fair. But if the various processes involved in manufacturing of any eatable is credible along with ingredients and off course nutritive value in it is equal to fresh fruit, then would you mind munching some packed snacks. The best Food and beverage company situated in Sringeri, Mangalore proffers chips formed from fruits through the process of vacuum deep frying which do not let the nutritive value of fruits vanish from the product. These products are rich in potassium, dietary fibres, Iron and Vitamin C and are equally beneficial just the way fresh fruits are

Do not fear about preservatives too as above fruit products are not added with preservatives which are harmful for human beings. These items do not contain any kind of preservatives and also can be cherished by folks with diabetes as it contains natural sugar. These products possess the natural sweetness of fruits they are made from.

So, don’t avoid fruit in diet. But if you are looking for a change, go for fruit treat.

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Hello, I have not tried many fruit chips. I like the banana
ones. I eat it most of the
time, not only because it is tasty, but also because it is a good source
of magnesium. It works along with calcium and phosphorus to strengthen bones
and teeth. Bananas are also rich in potassium.

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