How Do You Use A Convection Oven?


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To use the convection oven in the most efficient manner, the oven door has to be kept closed. The air in the oven must flow freely. The shape of the food is instrumental in convection cooking. For instance, a long skinny piece of meat cooks rapidly compared to a fatter piece of the same weight, because more area is uncovered to hot air. Another factor which makes a difference, while using the convection oven is the size of the pan. The same amount of food can be baked faster in a couple of small pans rather than one big pan because air can travel more freely.

The deciding factor to choose from using an ordinary oven or a convection oven depends on the cooking container than the food. The crux of convection cooking is to have the fan circulating the heat near the food. Do not use casserole lids and tall cooking pans, because they stop the heat from reaching the food and does not help in efficient cooking.

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