What Is A Pymms?


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Pymms is a branded drink which goes back to James Pym in the City of London in 1841. There in an oyster bar he first devised the original 'gin sling'.
In the 1870s it was marketed commercially by his successors. Members of the company are sworn to secrecy of the ingredients of the recipe. The exact details are known only to the 'Six' top men in the company.
The different cups are referred to by number. In the following order they are 1 – gin, 2 – whisky, 3 – brandy, 4 – rum, 5 – rye, and 6 – vodka. It is rare to see any but the first. It may be served as a short, medium or long drink made up with fizzy lemonade. Some people prefer ginger ale as a variation. A king's Pymms means using champagne or a good sparkling wine. It is traditional but not essential to add trimmings of cucumber, orange, and sprigs of mint or borage.
It is a drink that must be diluted not just because of its strength but to release the flavour.

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