Where Can I Buy A Food Torch For Baked Alaska?


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donna jackson answered
Any good kitchen store or a departmental store will have this.
They normally come with a gas canister so they can be portable. The canister can be exchanged when its empty.
Since these torches are now in vogue and are used in many kitchens to brown the top of desserts or caramelise the sugar on crepes or crème caramel, and even baked sticky puddings, and every chef has a few, you should have no problem finding one to use for your Baked Alaska.
However, I always did mine in the oven, with good results. You just need to watch it carefully so it doesn't catch and turn from a nice golden to a brittle black, burnt sticky mess.
Go to any speciality kitchen store, (I don't know where you live), but Alessi, The Martha Stewart Range, or any of the large department stores including K Mart should have them.
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Tina Nation answered
I watch the food network on my local cable and they just use a regular blow torch that you would find in a hardware store. Flay uses a little one.
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Chris Hickman answered
You don't need a kitchen torch. Any blowtorch from any DIY shop will do the job. If you want a chrome job that is 50 times the price by all means go and squander your hard earned cash. Similarly yu can use metal filling knives instead of spatulas for the grill or skillet. They willcost you a pound or two at the most instead of the heavy mark up in kitchen shops.

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