What Should I Do? I'm Hungry And I Have No Food? I'm In Class!


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1.) You should eat before you go to your next class or eat before you get into class.
2.) Ask to go to the bathroom but really go to your locker and grab something to eat
3.) Keep a snack in your pocket and eat slowly so that the teacher does not notice
4.) Get some gum and chew when the teacher is not looking
5.) Maybe if your good your teacher will give you a ''treat''
6.) Ask to go to the water fountain

- Thanks!!!
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Remember for next time, so you can 'go to the bathroom' when it happens again, and really go to your locker and get an energy bar. Clif bars etc are the best at those times.
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They say drinking water may curb your appetite.
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The best thing to do if you're in class without food is:

1. Drink water
2. Chew on gum

To prevent that from happening again, have a meal before class.  Try and fill yourself up on vegetables or salads before having any large heavy meal though, that too will help you to get your fill without going overboard on the calories.

Diet pop is another option...albeit not as healthy an option, it does do a good job of curbing appetite for me.

Really if you want to avoid this stuff from happening you need to settle down on a diet plan that works for you and follow it to the "T"...that is the best way to limit these kinds of cravings popping up.

If you don't know how to set one up properly, this explains several good ones in detail.

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If youre hungry during class, and you already ate breakfast, you either have apetite problems or you need more food in the morning to help you keep going throughout the day.... Or you can do tha dominoes thing.. Or wait for lunch..
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Lol if you tht hungrii. Sneakly chew sum gum or so I say. Or bring soem candies! N out then n yo pocket or desk alrite. N it works. Or still food from the teacher XD!
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I agree with the dominoes one xD jkjkjk you should hide some food in your backpack or pocket and put in in the desk when you take a bite put your head down so it bite look like you have something in your mouth when you chew!!!
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Explain this to your instructor and see if he or she can point you in the right direction for help......the best to you
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1) crap on the chair and enjoy
2) eat then duh !
3) why are you asking such a dumb question
4) get a life and stop comeing on this dumb website
5) hiya barbra you ok ? Xx

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