What Are Common Vegetables That Contain Sugar?


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Actually all vegetables contain sugar but here is a list of the highest sugared vegetables:
- Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Yams
- Corn
- Peas
- Rutabagas
- Parsnips
- Beets
- Winter Squash (although also classified as fruit)
- Tomatoes (sometimes called fruit as well)
- Carrots
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Corn, potatoes (and in the same family), water melon, cantaloupe, rice (brown or white or sweet rice), all fruits, carrots, all vegetables actually except for green leafy vegetables, green leafy vegetables have less sugar in it and because of it's fiber, sugar from leafy green vegetables got distributed slowly through all our blood veins in contrast to foods that has a lot of sugar that our body uses it quickly. The best thing to do is to train ourselves to eat small amount 3x a day- forget snacking solid food instead drink water or lemonade. In the process of training, feeling of hunger will be present and it's kind of hard, but the way to let that craving for food go away is to not think about that you are hungry and instead get busy, take a nap, take a short walk, or talk to someone and after 30 minutes they hunger feeling will go away. Then eat during the next meal and drink water 30 minutes after finishing the meal. (Should be uniform everyday). For sure, you will lose the weight and you will be use to just eating enough your body need - even though it's the kind of food that has a lot of toxic in it. Reduce eating it everytime until you achieve the weight you desire.
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Beets have the most sugar content, but are very low in calories
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Sweet potatoes contain a good amount of sugar .
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Do tomatoes contain sugar
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All vegetables contain some amount of sugar but the sugar
beets contain lots of sugar that they are grown principally for that reason.
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No eat when your hungry until full. Don't try and trick your metabolism into a pattern or habit, that's how most people fail. Just don't eat anything with saturated fats and sugar. can treat your self to some things in moderation! I followed the south beach diet And kept the weight off! :D

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