How Much Water Do Potatoes Need To Grow?


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The common potato vegetable requires around 5cm of water per week to grow. It is recommended for potato growers to provide this water in two weekly doses, although watering a larger amount once per week would suffice. Providing 5cm of water on a weekly basis allows your potatoes to have enough water to grow, without 'drowning' the plant.

To grow potatoes with ease, follow these simple steps:

• Purchase some certified potatoes from your local grocery or gardening shop. These potatoes are most likely to grow and are free of infection and disease.
• Chit your potatoes. This is done in order to encourage them to grow. Find the end of each potato with the most buds, and place the potatoes in a tray or egg box with the budded end facing upwards. Store in a place where the potatoes will receive lots of natural light and wait until the shoots are around 2cm long.
• Once your chatted potatoes are ready, plant them in soil, around 10cm into the ground. For best results, add a sprinkling of fertilizer to the soil at this point. Potatoes should be planted 30cm apart from one another. Potato ends with shoots should face upwards.
• As the shoots begin to appear out of the soil, cover the shoots with layers of new soil so the top of the shoot can only just be seen. This should be done until about 15cm of new soil has been added.
• At this stage, the flower of the potato plant should begin to open. The plants are now ready to be harvested. Lift the plant and potato carefully out of the ground.
• Always make sure your potato plants have plenty of natural sunlight - otherwise, they may not grow very well.

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