What Is The Difference Between Normal Vinegar And White Vinegar? How Many Kinds Of Vinegars Are There?


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The truth is vinegar is two kinds cider made from apples and distilled vinegar is made from appless, but goes through a distillery like beer hops. There are flavored vinegars but they come off the the distilled wine vinegars start with distilled was meant for steam and dying eggs and clothes.
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Norman vinegar is made from apples, hence, apple cider vinegar; white vinegar is distilled vinegar, which still defies explanation to me. There are many different types of vinegar, used for many different things.
There's rice wine vinegars, with or without flavourings, balsamic, which is very strong, berry flavoured, nuts, spices, aged and so forth, just about any flavour that you can think of, its there. And if you want to make your own flavour, keep a separate jar of it on the counter, add the flavour that you want, and let it set for a while.

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