What Uses Are There In Rice Vinegar?


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Japanese rice vinegar is used in Japanese preparations such as sunomono (vinegared salads) and sushi rice.

Chinese rice vinegar has three types and they are used as follows:

White rice vinegar is used in stir fries and sweet and sour dishes. It is also used for pickling.

Black rice vinegar is used mainly as a table condiment and in braised dishes. It is also a dipping sauce. It also serves as a substitute for balsamic vinegar.

Red rice vinegar is used as a substitute for black vinegar, with a bit of added sugar. It is used as a dipping sauce and can also be used in soup, noodle, and seafood dishes. It is often found in recipes such as Shark's Fin Soup and used in addition to boiled or steamed crab.

Rice vinegar is found in some supermarkets and also in Asian markets.

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