What Can You Put In Rice?


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Rice can be great to work with. By dicing vegetables and adding stock you can make soup. Take asian vegetables stir fry and serve over rice. Use left over rice for breakfast, take raisins sugar or splenda and add a little milk or cream microwave a few minutes and it's like having rice pudding for breakfast. You can take ground beef or turkey add onions & peppers toss in skillet and create your own hamburger helper. Just choose your favorite spices to change the favors to make it more exciting.
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Vegetables, chicken, shrimp, chili, canned soup, milk and sugar, butter and salt and pepper, really, just about any food will go with rice.
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I love rice. I like it with tomatoes, with gravy, I just don't like rice and butter. When I was a kid, my mother used to make rice and raisins and it tasted wonderful

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