Should I Boil The Peppers Before I Stuff Them With Rice And Chop Meat To Soften The Peppers?


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I must add that when cooking cover the peppers with foil for most of the cooking time and you can take the foil off 15 min. Before they are done and that will help ensure that the peppers are cooked through as they will steam under the foil.
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No...stuff the green peppers, then cook the entire stuffed pepper in the oven in tomato sauce at 325 for 1 hour and they will fall apart when done. Cook the stuffing that you will be using, but not the green,red or yello pepper
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Heavens, NO!!  The peppers won't stand up to the heat of the oven if you pre-cook them.  They will start off too soft and will fall apart before the stuffing has a chance to cook.

Mix your stuffing first.  Then core and trim the peppers.  Stuff the peppers and put them into a baking dish with a couple of inches of your own home-made tomato sauce.  Don't use canned "tomato sauce" because it's junk.  It is no more than tomato paste and water, and it ruins the consistency of just about anything you add it to.  Take the time to make your own tomato sauce.  Anything else you make using it will taste that much better.

Bake the stuffed peppers for about an hour at 350F until the stuffing reaches an internal temperature of 150F for pork-based stuffing or 125F for beef-based stuffing.  Check them from time to time, and baste them with the sauce to keep them moist and to incorporate the tomato sauce flavor throughout the dish.  Serve the peppers with some angel hair pasta and a side serving of a nice green vegetable like broccoli or steamed zucchini with lots of butter.


I hope this answers your question.

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Yea you need to put it in a hot water for a while before stuffing it.

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