How To Make A Cake For A Man Of A Woman's Body?


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How big do you want this cake? Is it to be a full size replica or just a normal cake size?

  • Full size woman cake
If you want a cake that is the size of a real woman then you will probably need to get caterers to make it for you because you probably will not have the cake tins that are necessary or ovens big enough to bake it in. Obviously, the cake will be put together with different parts but even so you will probably have problems with a cake of this size.

  • Smaller cake
This will be easier to do yourself, so you need to think about what kind of 'woman' you want. Is this going to be a sexy curvaceous woman or a 'cartoon' caricature? If it is the latter, then you may be able to get cake tins that will create this for you.

If you want it to be more like a 'real' woman, then you need to think about the shape of the cake and think about how you are going to reproduce this.

It is possible to bake some cakes and then cut out the shapes that you need.  The best way to cut a cake into shapes without it falling to pieces or making too many crumbs is to put it into the freezer for half an hour before you cut it.

When you have the basic outline, you can cover it with some kind of icing before you put the finer points on it. This icing can be something as easy as frosting, or you can use ready to roll icing or even, if you are feeling very confident, royal icing.

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