Do Mixed Nuts And Peanuts Affect Arthritis?


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There have quite a few claims made about the effects of diet on arthritis, but there is absolutely no proof that either eating a particular food, or not eating it makes any difference whatsoever. Of course there will be people who will swear blind that their diet has affected their arthritis but this is only anecdotal evidence and can be explained by individual food intolerances.

• Food intolerance
This means that if someone has an intolerance to mixed nuts or peanuts and they stop eating them and then notice that their arthritis is better as a result, it is far more likely that they just feel better overall.

Another significant reality that makes it easy to dismiss claims that diet can affect arthritis is that the symptoms can vary on a day to day basis. This means that if someone usually eats a particular food and then stops, or vice versa, and their arthritis appears to improve or worsen, it is very easy to make what they have eaten responsible for the change, when in fact the change would have occurred anyway.

• Testing for food intolerances
If anyone thinks that they may have a food intolerance it is important to be tested by either a doctor or a dietician. This is because it would be easy to cut out a whole group of foods because we may think that we have an intolerance to that group when it may just be one or two items within it. That would mean that we can miss out on vital vitamins and minerals.

• Old wives' tales
There are a lot of old wives' tales surrounding diet and arthritis including the one that claims acidic foods like citrus fruits can make the symptoms worse. These foods are rich in Vitamin C, which aids our immune systems, which means that not eating them could do more harm than good.

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