Where Do Quiches Originate From?


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Quiche originated from Germany and was later called 'Lorraine' by the French. It became popular in England during the 1950's, after the Second World War.

The original quiche consisted of a filling of smoked bacon, cream and egg. The cheese wasn't added until later. Originally, the crust of the quiche was made from bread dough, but nowadays short-crust or puff pastry is used. Onions can be added to quiche to make quiche Alsacienne.

Quiche contains vegetarian ingredients, which caused it to be known as an unmanly dish. Today, there are many different varities of quiche, containing ingrediants such as ham, mushrooms and brocolli.

Quiche was listed as the top fad food of the American 1970's in 2005, by 'Food Network'. It has appeared in video games and comics, and in 1980 it was featured on the album 'Wild Planet' by the B-52's, entitled 'Quiche Lorraine'.

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