What Is The Typical Height Of A Bar?


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The generally accepted bar height is 42 in. This is the usual height for bars all across the world, and not just in the United Kingdom. The standard countertop height is around 36 in while for a standard backsplash height, it is six in or so. The height of a bar stool must reflect the height of the bar, too, and with these measurements in mind a bar stool must be around 28 in including its seat. This means that it’s easy for most average-height people will be able to reach the bar quite easily, and not have to strain. Furthermore, it means that stools aren’t too high and aren’t going to cause any damage to anybody.

A bar must be a place where people can relax, and where people can easily stand to order a drink. Hence, it’s really important that these measurements are right. If these measurements aren’t adhered to, then people may struggle to lean against the bar during casual chats, and they may spill their drinks when trying to put it on an incredibly low surface. The bar is designed to be a place to lean and order drinks, and a place to put your drinks when you’re sat talking to your friends, or sat talking to the bar man.

As well as causing a problem if the seats are too high, a bar will cause problems if it is too high. Whilst most average-height people will not have a problem accessing a bar that is a little higher, people who are shorter may not even be able to get their arms over the bar to pay for their drinks. Also, a short bar may cause problems, when most of the bar stools that are sold will already be at the correct height. In which case, people will be sat at the wrong height, too.
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The Normal standard Bar height is 42" all around the world. 36" is the standard countertop height whereas 6" are for standard backsplash height. The height of the bar stool must be 28" including the seat.

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