What Is Johnny Walker Green Label?


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Yes, the brand Johnny Walker is still growing strong and is available in over 200 countries the world over. Green Label which started production in 1997 is still rolling off the bottling line. Fifteen different types of hops are blended to make Green Label. Johnny Walkers annual sales exceed well over 120 million bottles. The company that owns Johnny Walker is Diageo plc. Johnny Walker is manufactured in Kilmarnock in Scotland.

The company was started by the Walker family with John 'Johnnie' Walker' selling his whisky at his own grocers shop. Though he started the company it was not him who made it successful. That task would fall to his son Alexander Walker and grandson Alexander Walker II. Johnny Walker died in 1857.

Besides Green Label the other blends are: Johnny Walker White Label, Johnny Walker Red Label, Johnny Walker Black Label, Johnny Walker Swing, Johnny Walker Gold Label and Johnny Walker Blue Label.

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