What Is Green Washibi?


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Green Washibi basically is a mixture created from the Japanese version of horseradish and some chopped ginger, often served with sushi to settle the stomach and to offer extra flavour.

According to Japanese cuisines, Sushi basically is a dish which is created from vinegared rice mixed with different topping or fillings, mainly seafood but at times vegetables, mushrooms, eggs and meat are also added. Nearly all fishes applied in sushi are raw, and the supplementary ingredients added to the dish may be unprocessed, cooked, blanched or marinated.

In other parts of the world, Sushi is generally thought to be only lumps of rice served with raw fish. There are many different types of sushi available, sushi which is prepared in nori is known as maki, the ones made with toppings stuffed inside a tiny pouch of fried tofu is known as inari, etc.

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