Is It True That Milk Has Worms In It And That If You Looked @ It Under A Microscope, You Can See Them?


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I fed my toddler milk from a cup that had been in the fridge a few days, I had taken a sip just to make sure it tasted okay first. He spit the milk out and I found out it was completely filled with little yellow worms! They are the same worms I have found in our grains outside the fridge, but we haven't had a problem with them for over a year now. So what is that about??? I looked in everything else in the fridge and there weren't any anywhere else. Can someone relate??
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First, for Big Worms:
Pasteurization process WILL kill all worms (if any is present) in the milk. Most common worms and their eggs won't survive boiling temperature (pasteurization) for more than a second. Regular pasteurization process asks for a minimum of five seconds boiling phase. But I believe the possibility of having worms in the milk is very low.
Milk processed at bottling and pasteurizing plants (Borden, Hygeia, etc) first goes under a very strict selection process of the incoming milk, believe me, raw milk that doesn't passes initial screening is discarded and never paid to the supplier, (so there's no temptation to process
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That is a possibility I guess. But they probably cannot live in human beings and are destroyed by the stomach acid.
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I don't think so.....because if milk have worms or whatever.....the government will not allow us to drink milk??
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Worms are not so terribly unhealthy. I think they are simply unappealing. People in some parts of the world relish them. The government would probably not get involved with "worms" if they have no health risk. Pork, for instance, might have worms, but the government doesn't prohibit the sale of pork. Just cook it properly! Honestly, I doubt that milk has worms, and if it does, they don't survive pasteurization and stomach acids. Bon Apetite!
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I know my friend told me that and I was so creped out and now I know the answer is I don't know

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