What Is The Calorie Content Of One Tablespoon Of Mineral Oil?


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Wow, I guess the moral here is do not believe what you read on the internet.  Mineral oil is a pure hydrocarbon chain, whereas dietary fats are fatty acids, hydrocarbons with a COOH group, attached in triplets to the 3 carbon chain alcohol called glycerol (hence, triglycerides).  When we digest fat, we first liberate free fatty acids, and enzymes start working on the COOH end of the FFA, liberating smaller bits that get burned in mitochondria.  Without these COOH groups we can't start working on mineral oils.  That's why oil slicks won't break down easily, and it's why mineral oil is used as a laxative---you can't break it down, so it just slides through you.  There are zero available calories to mineral oil, although if you burned them in a calorimeter you'd find the same calorie content as in regular fat.  

Let's limit ourselves to stuff we know and not guesswork!
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Olive oil, peanut oil, and canola oil, are NOT mineral oils, they're vegetable oils. They have 9 calories per gram.

Mineral oil is refined petroleum, so basically a clearer version of gasoline or motor oil. I don't know how many calories it has, but you shouldn't be eating much of it!
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I believe the answer is 120 calories per TABLESPOON (generally 40 calories per tsp).
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In almost all mineral oils, the calories count is almost the same. In 1 tsp mineral oil, you will find exactly 120 calories. In some mineral oil, for instance olive oil and peanut oil, there are 119 calories per tsp, where as in Canola oil, you will find 124 calories per tsp.

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