How Many Calories Is One Tablespoon Of Feta Cheese?


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  • How many calories in a tablespoon of feta cheese?
There are approximately 100 calories in a tablespoon of feta cheese but this will vary with the brand of feta cheese you are using. In most countries, it is now the law for the amount of calories per serving to be clearly labeled on the package so you can easily work out how many calories you are consuming.

  • Calorie intake

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  • Loosing weight through calorie control

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Its actually 80 calories in about 1/4 cup. Just checked the container.
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60 per ounce. You can get better information from the label or go to fit day and look it up there. It is standard procedure, that you'll get about an ounce of cheese with the salad. An oz. Of bulk feta is 90 to 110 calories. But don't forget, the dressing is oil and vinegar. If you got the small one and didn't eat the pita, okay. Otherwise, well, it does sound good. I eat them, and I am not fat. When worried, just exercise more. Don't expect salads from stores or restaurants to be low calories. They can't sell a flavorless salad. Watch FN show chopped. Watch the faces of the judges when they taste a dry product, or one without salt. It looks as if the chef was trying to poison them. The judges pucker their lips and stare maliciously at the contestants. Commercial food is fattening, as fat carries the flavor. Plain lettuce with vinegar is a boring salad, but not fattening. I recmonded you Macro calculator android app through this you get results about Managing your weight .

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