Is Eating A Lot Of Dry Chinese Noodles Bad For You ?


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You don't have to worry about getting or producing any diseases from eating dry noodles. However, it isn't exactly the best thing to do to your body. Like rice, noodles have a tenancy of getting larger when mixed with water. If you eat a full package of say ramen noodles, just the noodles (dry) it will swell up in your stomach and probably not make you feel so good. Not only that but noodles have a lot of carbohydrates in them which are harder for the body to digest than other things that are common for snack foods. Bottom line, if you have an otherwise healthy diet, the snacking on noodles won't harm you, however if that is the main thing you eat all the time it can have long term side effects so you may want to add a bigger variety of foods into your diet.
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Why eating them dry? Just boil them in a cup of water, add salt, and spices of your choice. Add some ketchup or chilli sauce if you like. That would be more tasty..It's always good to eat a variety of food. So keep some eggs, dairy products like cheese, milk, chocolate spread, bread, etc. At home, as all these always come in handy when you are too lazy to can also keep snacks like chips, fries, etc. In your kitchen..btw, by dry noodles do you mean un-cooked noodles? That's what I'm figuring out..see, a food that requires cooking must be cooked..there are chances of having a stomach ache, if you eat 'em without boiling...
No . Eat as much as you like . Why don't you boil the pasta first ? It's not too hard , cook 4 about 4 mins and eat with whatever's available . I love the stuff , try soy sauce over it .
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I eat noodles all the time. There's an old story about a student who ate nothing but noodles for a year and died. I don't believe it. Some day I would like to start eating nothing but noodles and prove this story wrong.

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