How Much Coffee Do You Use To Make 30 Cups?


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In short, 30 teaspoons. According to most coffee brands it is usually advised that one teaspoon is required per cup for an average strength coffee. This, however, depends on a number of factors, including:

- Type/ strength of coffee used
- Strength of coffee required
- Size of the cup used
- Method used e.g. Filter, coffee machine
- Type of coffee made e.g. Late, espresso etc.

Taking this same fact of one teaspoon per cup into account, it would take approximately half of a 100 gram jar of coffee to make 30 cups. This is guessing that most people use a level spoon of coffee. If a heaped spoon is used it would possible take just under _ of the same 100 gram jar.

In a previous job of mine, to reduce the cost of coffee used for meetings etc, we invested in some disposable coffee cups with lids. It was believed that this would work in two ways to reduce the cost of coffee. Firstly, the amount of coffee required per person was less as disposable cups tend to be smaller than china mugs and secondly, disposable cups are better insulated and stay warm longer, there was therefore less needless waste due to cold coffee.  Amazingly, this tactic actually worked and we went through just over half as much coffee as previously. So if you are asking because you have a staff meeting or something, bear this in mind!
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Actually most brands recommend a level tablespoon per 6 oz cup of coffee. So for 24 cups it is 1.5 cups and 2 cups for about 30-32 cups of coffee
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If you want to make strong coffee then add 1 tea spoon for 1 cup means for 30 cups you need 30 teaspoon.

I don't like strong coffee so I prefer 1/2 teaspoon so for 30 cups I will take 15 teaspoon.

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A matter of taste. I use 6 Tablespoons for a 10 cup pot.
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Ms frosty is right here -- Thanks. It is one TABLESPOON per cup (not a teaspoon, unless you are thinking about instant.) I appreciate the translation into cups.
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I agree with others who have answered. Its a matter of taste. 1 level teaspoon per cup is what most brands say. For stronger coffee add and extra teaspoon, 31 per 30 cups of water, or weaker, 29 teaspoons per 30 cups of water. It also depends on the brand of coffee.

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