What Food Spoils The Fastest?


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Raw fish and chicken are considered to spoil fast, and berries, bananas, broccoli and green beans all go off relatively quickly too.

Any fresh food - when put into a bacteria-friendly environment - will begin to spoil rapidly.

Essentially, food begins to spoil as soon as it is attacked by micro-organisms like bacteria or yeast.

What food spoils the fastest?
I'd say raw fish and other uncooked seafood has the potential to spoil very quickly. Outside a refrigerator, bacteria can multiply to dangerous levels on seafood within a few hours. Chicken also falls into the 'red zone' of food deterioration.

In terms of spoiling through ripening, several fruits and vegetables are also considered fast-spoiling. Fruits and vegetables release or breathe out a gas called ethylene, which softens the flesh of the produce in question.

What fruit and vegetables spoil the quickest?
Raspberries are notorious for becoming soft and moldy within a couple of days - and other types of soft fruit like strawberries fall into a similar category.

Green beans and broccoli are also ethylene-sensitive, so keeping them next to fruits in a bowl or fridge is a bad idea, because this will speed up their already fairly short ripening and spoiling process.

Anything that already contains a high-level of bacteria has the potential to spoil very quickly. Milk and yogurt expire within a short time because of this.
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Strawberries, carrots, bread, pears, peaches, tomatoes, and bananas spoil the fastest.
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In general, fresh seafood, especially raw fish, should not be left in the refrigerator for more than one day.

In fact, it will stay even fresher if you place a bag of ice underneath it while it’s in the refrigerator.

Fresh chicken should be used in 1-2 days, or dangerous bacteria will begin to multiply exponentially.
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I would say fish or poultry.

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