Is There Caffeine In Apples?


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If you're munching on apples to try and stay awake for some late-night revision, I hate to break it to you - but there isn't any caffeine in apples.

This is one of those internet myths that get circulated around due to a pretty simple misunderstanding.

Apples can help you stay more alert though, and here's how:

Do apples have caffeine in them? The myth about the caffeine content in apples was probably started by someone suggesting that eating apples keeps you more alert than coffee.

This was based on the fact that apples contain a high level of fructose - a natural sugar that most fruits have.

The fructose gives you energy, in the same way that drinking a sweet-tasting soda drink does - and this is how apples help your body stay more alert and active.

Caffeine works in a completely different way, and is certainly not found in apples!

What can I eat to stay awake According to scientific research, apples are not the only fruit which will give you an energy boost.

Tree fruits in general are quite high in fructose, so munching on a banana, orange or pear is also a good source of fructose.

Dried fruits like figs, raisins and dates are also high in fructose, because the drying process concentrates their natural sugar content.

All of these are healthier than a cup of coffee, and taste better too!
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I am eating a cup of caffeine right now.... Yeah, go apples.
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No, there isn't any caffeine in apples. If there was, you would be bouncing off the walls like a monkey...
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No, apples contain glucose which is like rocket fuel for the brain. So they have more waking power than coffee!

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