What Is Renaturation In Terms Of Protein?


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The original structure of a protein is a three-dimensional structure. The process of returning a denatured protein structure to its original structure and normal level of biological activity, or simply the remodification or folding of an unfolded polypeptide chain of proteins to its normal three-dimensional structure is known as reconstitution of protein. This reconstitution of a protein structure is also known as renaturation of protein. In other words, renaturation of proteins is technically the opposite of denaturation of proteins.

In a renatured protein, the primary structure of the biopolymer remains the same, but the protein which had been denatured (with the help of such agents as chaotropic agents, detergents, heat or reagents) gets restored back to its former native structure (that is the native structure of the protein before it was denatured) and is able to function as effectively as before, because a renatured protein merely undergoes the process of reversal of a denatured protein.

In fact, a renatured protein is able to carry out its functions better, faster and more efficiently, because it is able to pinpoint the level of biological activity that it was going through prior to the process of denaturation.
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According to the explanation above, protein renaturation = refolding.
Note that renaturation may include breakage or generation of chemical bonds. Often proteins have intramolecular disulfide bonds that need to be formed in order to obtain the native fold. This is an experimentally challenging procedure. Check out the "Dilyx Protein Renaturation Kit" (search via Google) if you're looking for a fast way to define the best renaturation conditons.
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In the conditions that denaturing was not violent and protein denaturation internal structure changed little, in appropriate conditions denatured protein can be restored to their natural conformation and biological activity. This phenomenon known as protein renaturation. The proteins include all kinds of proteins, such as: mitochondrial protein.

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