What Was The Size Of The Small Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate?


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I think it was a 6 oz can.  I can't find that size either.  My recipe was for Orange Balls, a no bake cookie.  it also calls for one box of vanilla wafers and that use to be 16 oz and now all I can find is the 12 oz box. 
Not only am I getting old but my recipe box is full of antiques also.
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Simple answer use part drink part....
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Well if the recipe calls for a small(4 ounce 6 ounce 8 ounce) it would most likely be less than the 12 ounces you can find so it would probably be to taste and what you don't use you could make into orange juice and drink....i personally have never seen orange juice in anything less than a 12 ounce frozen concentrate however I have seen them in larger sizes but not smaller..

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