Is Red Wine Made From Red Grapes And White Wine Made From White Grapes?


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This is a rather tricky question! Red wine is created by using red or dark grapes. The grape skins are used during the fermentation process, and add colour. White wine, on the other hand, is made by separating the skins from the grapes. Therefore, it can be created by using any kind of grapes - red or white. White wine from very dark grapes may have a pink tint; this type of wine is called 'blush'.

Due to the difference in preparation, red and white wines have distinctive qualities. This is why there are different types of glasses for red and white wines. Since white wine tastes best chilled, a white wine glass has a tall flute to prevent the warmth of the hands from affecting the taste. Red wine glasses, are bigger in diameter. This way, the glass can be filled 1/3 full. The wine is swirled gently in the glass to bring out its fragrance.
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The primary difference is the fact that red grape skins are included with red wine.  They can sometimes be found in small particles at the bottom of your wine glass.
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From dark grape of variety we can make red as well as white wine because skin is a part which gives colour to d if remove skin we can make white wine from red grape or a dark grape...

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