How to packaging of Premium Basmati Rice? Case study


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Premium Basmati Rice is commonly known as 'Queen of Fragrance' due to its distinctive aroma. Due to this attribute, the packaging of Premium Basmati Rice is incredibly important in retaining this fragrance. This incredibly popular rice can be packaged in a similar way to many other types of rice. Many forms of rice are packaged in sealed plastic packaging, and this method should also work for Premium Basmati Rice, as it will retain the rice's distinctive aroma. I would not recommend using traditional woven packaging as the smell of the Premium Basmati Rice will surely disappear over time, should the package be left for too long. However, whatever forms of packaging you choose, it should almost certainly be airtight, unless you know that you will eat or sell the rice soon, because otherwise the aroma of the Premium Basmati rice will dissipate and the rice may spoil if left too long.

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