How To Make Ground Rice?


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Ground rice is an ingredient in many authentic recipes, but there is a lot of confusion over what it actually is.  Well, ground rice is similar to rice flour that you can buy at many stores, but I'll explain how to make traditional ground rice in the modern home below:

  1. You can use white or brown rice.  I'd recommend using white rice as it tastes better if you're using it to bake cakes etc. 
  2. Place the rice into a container and soak it in cold water for around 4 hours.
  3. Once 4 hours are up, you should strain the rice to remove as much of the water as possible.  If you have a filter or a pair of tights/stockings, these would work perfectly.
  4. Now place the rice into a blender and blend for a couple of seconds at a time.  If you want a finer ground rice you'll need to blend for longer.
  5. Place the blended rice into a pan and use a low heat to remove the remaining water.  You shouldn't allow the rice to cook so you'll need to use a low heat. 
  6. Your ground rice is now ready to use.  You can make it as fine or course as you like.  Authentic recipes requiring ground rice would likely have used a more course ground rice.

So there you go.  It's not too difficult to make ground rice, but if you can't be bothered going to that effort, you might be better finding some rice flour at a store.

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