How To Prepare Red Beans And Rice?


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I'm from louisiana and I can give you my all time most awesome recipe for red beans and rice!!! Hehe
What you will need:
1 package large red kidney beans
1 pack of 2 ham hocks
Tony Chasere's Creole seasoning (or some sort of creole sesoning)
1 red onion
1/4 garlic
How to Prepare:
Soak your beans overnight and then drain and rewash them before you cook them.
I usually cook mine in a crockpot, but it doesn't really make a difference whether it's in a crockpot or an actual stove pot.
Put your beans in the pot and put the water to where it's like 1 or 2 inches over the beans and put them on high until they come to a boil. **ADD WATER WHEN THE LEVEL GETS TOO LOW**
Once the beans start getting hot throw in the ham hocks, the way they come in the package.
Cut up your onion doesn't matter how, just so it gets put in there.
Take the garlic head and all you'll need of it is like 1/4 of it. Throw that in there too.
You can put the seasoning in now, but I usually wait until the beans are almost ready so that I can taste it, but you put the seasoning in there to your taste preference.
If you start this early in the mornin then you can slow cook it all day and it's usually better if you do.
Once you can easily slide the fork into the ham hocks then you can take them out and take the skin and fat off the good meat and put the good meat back in the pot.
And then once the beans are fork tender then you're ready to eat!!!

I'm sorry if this is sort of a confusing recipe, but it's homeade and that's the best way I can tell you how to make them. And you can serve this with some good ol' cornbread and it's perfect!!!! I hope this works for you!!!!
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Pamela Krueger
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Sounds just like my recipe lilsqueak...I love cooking them in the fall or winter when the weather is not so hot.

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