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High heat cooking is a cooking style where foods are prepared using very high temperatures. Searing is one example of high heat cooking - in this type of food preparation, meat or fish (such as Ahi tuna steaks) is pan-fried over very high heat for a very short amount of time.

  • Tuna steaks may be seared

In the case of Ahi tuna, steaks will be seared on both sides and then served immediately; usually, the inside of the tuna steak will still be pink and somewhat rare. High heat cooking is a gourmet style that works well, as long as the person preparing the dish knows exactly how long it will take to attain a good end result.

  • Deep frying is high heat cooking

High heat cooking is also used in deep frying, such as the preparation of French fries, egg rolls, tempura-battered fish and vegetables, and fried chicken. Oil for deep frying must be at a rolling boil, and working with this type of very hot oil requires safety precautions, as oil tends to spatter. Restaurants often employ high-heat deep frying methods to give their food a taste that most of their customers can't replicate in their home kitchens. However, there are home deep fryers for sale at most department stores, and many people do enjoy making their own deep-fried foods. Sometimes, a wok or deep saucepan is filled with oil, instead of a deep fryer.

Foods made with this high heat cooking method will contain plenty of fat, so they aren't a great option for those who watch their cholesterol and calories.

Learning the basics of high-heat cooking will require some trial and error, because every kitchen is slightly different. Cooking time of recipes may need to be adjusted or corrected to reflect an oven's power, or a stovetop's unique heat level. However, most people quickly get the hang of this type of cooking.

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