Can I Bake A Cake And A Meatloaf In The Oven At The Same Time?


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jacques slabouz answered
I'm sure you can if the directions on baking the cake are as the same as what you want to bake the meatloaf at.....but.....the only problem is that the meat may saturate the cake and either smell like it or taste like it also,its best to cook separately   cake is like needing dry heat to bake, and the meat will be moist (condensation will accumulate)     you know what I mean?
You can try tho....never know what will happen really....." I think thats why a lot of people have a two oven set-up's"   so they can bake and cook seperately at the same time...did you ever notice on T.V.   Some commercials show it....and some cooking shows have it that way

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