How To Carve A Leg Of Lamb?


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Perhaps one of the simplest when it comes to carving, a leg of lamb is easiest to carve if well marinated and cooked tender. It will be much easier to carve the lamb if it is well cooked, a medium rare lamb may be too tough. A leg from a younger animal and one which has been tenderized using raw papaya or a tenderizer is much easier to carve up. The roast has to be placed having its fat side facing up. A meat fork or a manche a gigot can be used to better grip the leg bone. Cut parallel to the bone and slice away the legs rounded portion. The cuts should be made till one reaches the rump bone which is at the end of the leg. The leg can then be turned over and the procedure repeated. The final area to carve is the shank which is fairly easy. The slices are now ready to be served. You may also consider breaking the bone, using the end of a spoon and serving the marrow as well.

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