How Many Calories In Lamb Rogan Josh?


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I think the short answer is that if you really need to know, you probably shouldn't be having it.

Sainsbury's give a recipe that suggests that it would be about 540 g per serving.  I would have guessed that would be a relatively low fat version.  But ivillage reckon that a restaurant serving of Rogan Josh should only come in at 511 calories (that's for a 350g serving, which is about a cup full).  Served with something like just plain boiled rice, the ivillage estimate doesn't come in as that fattening.

Less reassuring (recipe instructions from recipezaar) suggests calorie total of 834 per serving, with a whopping 51% of that coming from fat.

Or you can buy diet-versions in supermarkets, these can come in at less than 6% fat / under 400 calories for a 380 g serving.

You might be better off trying to make it at home.  Then you add up calories from all the ingredients, and you can limit the amount of fat.

If supermarket bought: Look on the back of the box.

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