How To Cook Leg Of Lamb?


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Yes you do but it is good to leave holes in the foil to allow some of the moisture to escape , also try adding potatoes and garlic for flavor
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Roast lamb is a delicacy in many countries. Prior to roasting lamb that has been kept in the refrigerator, thaw it at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Otherwise some of the portions may remain undercooked. The amount of time that the lamb needs to spend in the oven will depend on the amount of fat on the lamb. Under normal circumstances it will take 20-25 minutes per pound to cook to medium rare, if the lamb is roasted at 400 degrees F. If the lamb does not have too much fat that you could start off at 450 degrees F and gradually bring it down to about 300 degrees F.

Lamb is best cooked when it is frenched. This refers to the cooking of a lean rack of lamb where the meat between the ribs has been removed. Lamb can also be accompanied by yogurt, curd or any other syrup while it is being cooked. It is not uncommon to cook it along with Soya sauce. This must be done after marinating it for 60 minutes. The lamb can also be stuffed with chicken, tomato puree, wine and bread crumbs.
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I like to use McCormick Roasting Rubs.  I first cut slits into the Lamb and insert cloves of Garlic.  Next rub Olive oil and the Roasting Rub, I usually use Savory Herb for the Lamb.  Cook for 30 min per lb at 325.  I serve it with Gravy.
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The leg of lamb needs about 20 minutes or so per pound to be cooked properly. You can get a leg of a lamb either boneless or otherwise. A boneless leg is sold either butterflied, or rolled and tied. The butterflied leg is ideal for grilling without a rotisserie.

To grill a great leg of lamb, begin with a marinade. Since lamb inherently has a strong flavour, opt for a marinade that has a lot of flavours. Garlic, lemon and herbs like cilantro and rosemary are recommended flavours. Vinegar will act nicely to keep the flavours deep into the meat. For a boneless leg, plan on marinating the meat for about 4-6 hours. For a bone-in leg, marinate overnight. It is necessary to keep the leg at room temperature for half an hour or 45 minutes before you keep it on the grill.

After marinating, it is time to grill. You have to grill it indirectly over medium flame for about the entire cooking time. Though the cooking can take few hours of time depending upon the leg size, the slow roasting will give the necessary flavour to make the leg of the lamb taste good. A boneless leg can be cooked in a shorter time compared to the bone-in leg. Grill over direct heat for about 15 minutes and then change to indirect grilling to cut the temperature to medium heat. When the temperature reaches 145 degrees, you will have to take the leg off the fire.

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