I Am Making A Ham. What Seasonings Would You Use On The Ham Since I Can Not Use A Glaze?


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You might find this odd, but really isn't, I use apple cider, usually powdered form, and just put some water in the pan, and it will dissolve in the water while cooking, and remember to baste it a few times. The flavor is exceptionally unique, and all people love it that I have served it to. Hope this helps, good luck with it.
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I poke whole cloves into the ham and score it with a knife both vertically and horizontally.  
Then I pour a Dr. Pepper or Coke over the ham and bake it.  From time to time, I baste the ham with the soda in the bottom of the pan.  The ham is juicy and tender.
(Don't use diet soda, use the regular type.)
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Kristi DeMilta
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I have to say, that's an unusual way to cook a ham. What does it taste like, anyway?
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I also use a can of coke for ham seasoning, it comes out really tasty and no other seasoning is needed.
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I just use the same recipe my mom has taught me. We usually put tooth picks into the ham first, and put the pineapple rings around them so they stay on, and place cherries here or there as well. After that, we put on butter, brown sugar, and pour the cherry juice and pineapple juice across the ham. Then we just cover it with tin foil and stick it in the oven. :) That's what I used for Christmas; it came out tender, juicy, and had a bit of sweetness to it!
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I use a can of applesauce. Just dump it on, cover and bake.  I remove the cover and let it brown for about the last 30 minutes. When you take from the oven to rest recover so it doesn't loose its moisture.
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Whole cloves,  with the apple cider.  Just stick the pointy end into the ham randomly over the entire surface, and them bake.  Remember hams bake at a really low temp., like 325 degrees.
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I use apple juice , let the ham slow cook and keep pouring the apple juice over it.

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