Do You Like Pickles?


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Not much but i like that green one on a chicken sandwich..
A big kosher pickle & a cold draft beer...good God almighty what am I doin' here?♫  {can u name that tune by Jimmy Buffet?}
And the juice is wonderful 4 acid lovin' plants like Hibiscus(SEE PIC), Jasmine & the like.♥
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Can't name the song, I'm not a music nut, except I like big band stuff. Interesting about the hibiscus.
Glen Thornbury
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Nothing about you surprises me Nassy! Your one of a kind like me! You and I are both 100% real!
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Try dill pickles sliced very thin and sprinkle soy sauce on them.  Let it sit in the refrig. For a few hours.  I like it.  My Aunt used to make them for me, she was Japanese--go figure.
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terry rossignol answered
I like pickles but they don't like me.
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moodie madd answered
Love them! Really any kind. They are to good for words. I put them on my cheeseburgers, hotdogs, just eat them, and about on anything else!
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Omer Butt answered
Jalapeno pickles are compulsory part of my all sandwiches/burgers. They have that tingling taste that is unexpressably good. I tried to avoid but Ah!!! Tigg you won you at last made my mouth watered. I am now going to Chicken Sausages With Mayo, Mustard, Onions & Jalapeno pickles.
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I love pickles.. Especially onion.. ;P i also like cucumber pickles which you can make it by your own. It tastes very very delicious.. Yummmmm
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paul williams answered
Dill pickles and not too found of sweet pickles. Love the big dill pickles and the Chinese candy(saldaditos=salted,dried plums) yummy. Making my mouth water
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Yessssssssssss! I love all kinds of pickles. Pickles are my favorite! I wonder why everybody says that pickles are nasty, but i think that they are tasty to me. I love pickles!

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