Have You Ever Eaten Pickled Pigs Feet?


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When I was a kid I ate them at my uncles.
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EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Thanks, you just stirred up some nasty childhood memories, My Grandpa was a bit of a practical joker and tricked me into eating a bite, ((He loved the dern things)) I knew something was up  as soon as he started snickering, I spit it out, then ran for the bathroom... I bet he is looking down and laughing at me now!
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I haven't, but I would be willing to try them.  They can't be nastier than pickled walnuts, can they?
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Why would I?  That carries using every part of the animal a little too far.  Thank goodness they aren't kosher!  Lol!
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Never tried them but been offered several times. The only thing that comes to mind is i don't care how long they pickle those things pigs use them to wallow through the feces and urine pens they live in. I think they are in those a lot longer then they are pickled.eewww.Now that's food for thought.lol.
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Yes, I have.  though I didn't know what it was when I took it.....they were used in head cheese at a ukrainian dinner I went to.  It looked like a jello-y type thing, and I thought I'd try it.  My wife laughed at me because she knew what it was and chose not to take it.  I tried one little bit and didn't like it.
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No, i don't even know what it is
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I can't say I have and ever will. Are they even good? What do they taste like? Wait I take that question back, the answer has to be nasty!
Yes & i love them.pigs are a lot cleaner than chickens. I bet most everybody has eaten chicken. Pappio

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